Welcome to my website... / by Shawn Theodore


Thank you for visiting my website. It's something that I've always wanted to make however, the time, never seemed to manifest itself until recently. So, why now? Many people have asked me that question when I would say that I was in the process of making a website. "Don't you have a great social media following? Aren't all of those platforms free? Isn't managing a website going to get in the way of your creative process? What about your followers, do you think they really want to visit yet another website?" These were the things I heard, and also, asked of myself. 

The creative process isn't always pretty, fast or made to order for social media consumption. But there is a reason, as an artist, to journal the moments between the finished artwork and to showcase what's critically important to that end. So In this part of my website, the blog, I will share the moments of discovery, the thoughts and feelings, sometimes the daily minutiae, but always what's honest and real to me as an artist and as a contributing member of society. 

Furthermore, to be able to open up on one's own platform without the ever-present fear of someone reporting it to some Kafkaesque tribunal is enough to make me want to have my own website these days. Not to say that I distrust my followers, rather, I have little trust in social media companies. For every time I post a photo or a cute one-line status, I'm contributing to the expansion of some mogul's empire. There is no wealth distribution that benefits the vast majority of social media 'influencers' (whatever that means), you've got to make it work for you, somehow, someway. See, soapbox moments can be cathartic. 

The most important reason to have a website, in my opinion, is to have a space where the people who care the most about my work can visit and engage with me about it. I look forward to comments and criticism, and deeper discussion regarding the current trends in contemporary art and photography, and of course, how these trends impact and/or influence my work. The blog will evolve and grow in time, so come back often. Hey there's even an option to subscribe below.

Thanks so much!